Swedish Schumpeter Lecture 2016: Saras D Sarasvathy

Saras Sarasvathy

On October 17 Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum organizes Swedish Schumpeter Lecture 2016. This year’s lecturer is Professor Saras D Sarasvathy, Darden School of Business University of Virginia. She is best known for having developed “Effectuation” about the entrepreneurial way to make decisions and use their resources. Entrepreneurship is something everyone can learn! Professor Sarasvhaty will speak on the topic “Two Decades of Effectuation Research:  Implications for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Policy”.


Effectuation refers to the idea that the future can be co-created without relying on predictive information.  Its principles and processes were derived from a cognitive science based study of expert entrepreneurs.  Over the last two decades, more than 200 studies have built on the use of effectual logic by entrepreneurs, managers, investors and others. Over 1,000 educators around the world teach effectual entrepreneurship.  In her talk, Sarasvathy will spell out implications from this growing stream of research for policy makers seeking to build a more entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Read more about Professor Sarasvathy: http://www.darden.virginia.edu/faculty-research/directory/saras-d-sarasvathy/


Time: Monday 17 October, 15.30–17 followed by a mingle session, coffee and registration from 15.00.

Venue: Spårvagnshallarna, Birger Jarlsgatan 57 A

Registration: Register here!


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