Regulations, Entrepreneurship and Market Dynamics

The Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum is launching a wide-ranging research project on regulations, focussing on how regulations affect entrepreneurship and market dynamics. The research project, which will start in the autumn of 2012, takes a broad approach to regulations and the economic consequences of regulations. The project aims at providing better understanding of how regulations can be made efficient and how the benefits and costs to society best can be assessed and balanced against each other.


The following figure provides a schematic illustration of the links that the research project looks at:


More specifically, the research project has five distinct working packages:


WP1             Regulations, firm growth and entrepreneurship

Working package 1 studies how different institutional and regulatory regimes influence firm growth, market dynamics and entrepreneurship. In the empirical analysis micro data from various sources is used including Global Entrepreneurship Monitor.


WP2             Labour market regulation, innovation and new firm formation

Labour market regulations have been identified as one possible explanation to Europe’s sluggish economic performance. The aim of this project is to investigate the relationship between labour regulation, innovations, firm growth and dynamics.


WP3             Financial markets, competitiveness and innovation

Following the financial meltdown a number of countries have introduced new regulations. In the US the so-called Dodds-Frank Act and Volker-rules were introduced. Many call for more supervision of the financial markets and stricter regulations. What results will this cause for competition, resource allocation and firm access to capital.


WP4             Regulations in services, health care and education

With an aging population the demand for health care and services is likely to increase over the coming decades. By the same token the educational system will be challenged to match the skills of the labour force with the skills in demand. The aim of the project is to identify in what way regulations affect innovations, entrepreneurship and productivity growth in these sectors.


WP5             Regulations, labour migration and firm and employment growth

This working package covers how labour migration influences economic activities, including entrepreneurial activity among immigrants.






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