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Globalization Forum’s purpose and work

Globalization Forum’s objective were to strengthen the Swedish business sector’s competitiveness and attractiveness in a rapidly changing environment. The recommendations to decision-makers in politics and business that comes up in the context of globalization forums work was grounded in excellent scientific research.



Chaminade_webbframsidaThe emergence of China and India as new innovation
power houses – Threat or opportunity? #6

Globalization Forum’s sixth report, The Emergence of China and India as new innovation powerhouses – Threat or opportunity ?, analyzes global innovation flows and the effects of research and development, R & D, located in India and China. In addition, we investigate factors that affect the willingness of companies to globalize their R & D and innovation activities.

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Sweden´s Position in the Global Economy #2

The report, authored by Dr. Christian Ketels, Harvard Business School and HHS, provides a broad overview of and analyze the various factors underlying the Swedish competitiveness. How well positioned is Sweden to handle future challenges of global structural change and increasing global competition? What areas should policymakers prioritize in order to lay the foundation for a continued prosperity in the future? The report culminates in a series of proposals on various policy changes that would strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness.

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Internationalization Competence of SMEs #1Omslag

The report, authored by Leona Achtenhagen, professor at Jönköping International Business School, discusses how the level of expertise looks at small and midsize companies at international markets, when it comes to building and visibility of brands, marketing strategies as well as on international distribitutions- and production chains.

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