Economic Policy Forum

Economic Policy Forum gathers important stakeholders in economic policy for policy discussions with particular relevance for long-term, sustainable development of Swedish business. A long range of reports have been published and presented at public seminars over the years.



Blockchain – Decentralized Trust #15
David Bauman, Pontus Lindblom och Claudia Olsson

A review of the circular economy and its implementation #13
Almas Heshmati

Sharing Economy – Embracing change with caution #12
Anna Felländer, Claire Ingram och Robin Teigland

Sources of capital for innovative startup firms #9
Anna Söderblom och Mikael Samuelsson


In 2016 Globalization Forum was merged with Economic Policy Forum under the latter’s name.

Globalization Forum

Globalization Forums focused on the effects of globalization on entrepreneurship, small business, innovation and, in extension, the regional and national development in Sweden. The Forum published a number of reports which have been presented and debated at public seminars.

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