Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum is a modern network organization and well founded both in the academic and the business world. It is composed of several networks.



Economic Policy Forum

Economic Policy Forum gathers important stakeholders in economic policy for policy discussions with particular relevance for long-term, sustainable development of Swedish business.

Philantrophy Forum

Philanthropy Forum is chaired by professor Dan Brändström and aims to, through research, highlight the importance of philanthropy for economic growth and prosperity. The Forum has hosted a number of public seminars including the international event Stockholm Philanthropy Symposium.

Regional Policy Forum

Regional Policy Forum focuses on regional opportunities for Swedish business dynamics and long-term sustainable growth. Based on the latest research the forum aims to point to the economic policy measures that can help strengthen entrepreneurship and competitiveness regionally.


National Network

Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum’s national research network includes Swedish researchers in the research areas of business administration or economics focused on entrepreneurship and innovation.

As part of the national network reasearchers are regularly invited to participate in seminars and various types of research partnerships. They are thus given the opportunity to use our platform to reach a wider audience.

International Network

To promote international collaboration, Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum has formed an international reference group, consisting of prominent international researchers and experts. Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum’s International research network consists of a large number of world-leading researchers in the field, of which over 20 are previous winners of the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research.
Its members are invited to participate in conferences, in our research project, co-author of publications and meetings with decision makers.

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