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Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum is the Swedish partner of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), the largest global research venture on entrepreneurial activity. Since 2010, Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum has published an annual Swedish report based on survey and interview data. The global project began in 1999 and has grown from including 10 countries to at least 70 in 2014.

GEM is a worldwide and unique research project aiming to annually measure and analyze entrepreneurial activity in all participating countries. The results are made available to all interested: policy-makers and researchers worldwide. The results are presented in a global, comprehensive annual report and in a national reports from the participating countries. The sample surveys covering 75 percent of the world’s population and 90 percent of world GDP.

In Sweden the conclusion from the 2013 report is that the overall level of entrepreneurship, the TEA index, has increased from last year’s 6.4 to 8.2 percent this year. Since 2010 when 4.9 percent of the population were in the process of starting a business or engaged in active employment, Sweden has thus received 195,000 more entrepreneurs (the increase from 2010 to 2013 is related to the size of the population aged 18-64).

The Swedish GEM team in 2014 consisted of Maria Adenfelt, Associate Professor and Research Director Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum, Pontus Braunerhjelm, Managing Director Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum and Professor KTH, Carin Holmquist, Professor Stockholm School of Economics, Michael Jorstig, Project Manager Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum, and Per Thulin, Researcher Swedish  Entrepreneurship Forum and KTH.

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