From startup to scale-up – Entrepreneurship, human capital, innovation and scaling up new businesses

During the last decade, ’Scale-Ups’ have increasingly become an established feature of the business policy landscape. In Europe much attention has been given to new companies that aim to grow. While start-ups are a critical source of regional economic growth  many of them fail to sustainable grow. This has, in turn, spurred numerous policy initiatives that help start-ups to succeed and intensive research into  the ways start-ups organize in start-up communities, start-up ecosystems or innovation districts.

Despite the importance of the issue, research in entrepreneurship and management provides limited insight into the factors that enable successful transitions from start-ups to scale-ups. This specialized workshop seeks to fill this gap. It features research on factors crucial to start-ups’ ability to grow within and beyond their established markets, such as entrepreneurship, human capital, formal and informal institutions, culture and regional entrepreneurial ecosystems. The workshop provides ample networking and idea exchange opportunities together with a space for sharing knowledge from research and practice in a comprehensive program of paper presentations, active learning and panel discussions with world-leading experts on start-up growth.

Given this Henley Business School, Indiana University and Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum will organize a workshop Oktober 29-30 in Stockholm, Sweden and requests your papers.

Read the full call for papers: From startup to scale-up

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:
Are successful start-ups also successful at scaling up?
How do small data-driven and tech- or knowledge-intensive firms scale up?
What are the human capital needs associated with scaling up?
How does the interplay between small and large firms affect scale-ups?
How do institutional settings affect the ability to scale up new business models?
How do successful scale-ups affect future entrepreneurship?
What role do entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems play in enabling start-up to scale-up transition?

Time: October 29-30, 2018
Venue: Stockholm, Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum

Extended abstracts of no more than five pages should be submitted by September 21, 2018. The authors of accepted papers will be notified by September 28, 2018.

Submissions and contact:

Organizing committee:

Daivd B. Audretsch, Indiana Uniersity
Johan E. Eklund, Swedish Entreprensuhip Forum
Maksim Belitski, Henely Business School

Special issue:
Special issue in Small Business Economics will be published conditional upon sufficient number of high quality papers.

This workshop  is distinct in its unique match between the theme and the local setting, Sweden is known as the Scandinavian technology powerhouse. Its dynamic ecosystem produces world-beating companies, while the country enjoys one of the highest rates of tech start-ups in Europe and the world.

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