Professor Scott A. Shane named the 2009 recipient of the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research

PRESS RELEASE Jan 29th 2009

The Swedish Foundation for Small Business Research
The Research Institute of Industrial Economics
The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth  

The 2009 recipient of the world’s most prestigious award in entrepreneurship research, the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research, was announced today. Scott A. Shane, professor of Economics at Waterhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University, will receive 100.000 euros for his contributions to an increased understanding of the conditions under which the entrepreneur and the small business operate.

“Professor Scott A. Shane has an impressive and innovative range of publications that cover practically all of what we recognize as entrepreneurship research”, says Professor Magnus Henrekson, chairman of the Award committee. “His contributions have strongly influenced scholarly work in the field and his efforts to promote entrepreneurship as a legitimate field of research have contributed to enhancing its position within the social sciences”, Henrekson continues.

By publishing significant works regarding all major aspects of the entrepreneurship phenomenon; the individual, the opportunity, the organizational context, the environment, and the entrepreneurial process Shane has studied the entire spectrum from imitative start-up firms to the high end research-based, technology-intensive and venture capital-backed firms.

The official motivation for the 2009 recipient emphasizes that Scott A. Shane has not only influenced what we view as central aspects of entrepreneurship, but also strongly influenced how we view entrepreneurship.

The Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research, originally instituted as The FSF-Nutek Award in 1996, honours outstanding research contributions furthering our understanding of the role and importance of entrepreneurship and small business development. The award has received considerable attention worldwide and its recipients have been awarded for work spanning from entrepreneurship policy to the importance of small firms for innovation and job creation

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