Corporate Governance and Investment Workshop and Seminar in Sweden 7-10 September

The 19 Corporate governance and investment Workshop and will be held 7-8 September. The workshop will be followed by a seminar for EU project on Corporate Governance and  European Integration the 9-10 September. Venue: Waxholm Hotell.


19th Corporate Governance and Investment workshop

Program Workshop with presentations



1200 Lunch

1400 Welcome – Johan Eklund, Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum

1415 paper no1 Passing the dividend baton: The impact of dividend policy in new CEOs’ initial compensation
Presenter: Marc Goergen

1500 paper no2 Who Controls Large Firms in Europe? Changing Ownership Patterns, Agency Problems and Performance
Presenter: Evgeni Peev

1545 coffee break

1600 paper no3 Family Involvement, Capabilities and Innovation: Evidence from Spain
Presenter: Miguel Cestona

1645 paper no4 CEO Political Ideology, Shareholder Primacy and Dividend Policy
Presenter: Ali Bayat

1900 Dinner



0830 paper no6 Does the state design the right incentives for CEOSs? Executive compensation in EU “hybrid” companies
Presenter: Laura Rondi

0915 paper no2 Managerial Risk-Taking Incentives and the Systemic Risk of Financial Institutions
Presenter: Sami Vähämaa

1000 Coffee break

1015 paper no3 Politicians in the boardroom: Is it a convenient burden?
Presenter: Bartolomé Pascual Fuster

1100 paper no4 Ownership and Governance of Listed Firms in Germany: A Bi-modal Model for Widely-held Firms and Family
Presenter: Wolfgang Bessler

1145 Lunch w lecture by Dennis Mueller

1330 paper no5 Does family ownership facilitate investments? Investment to cash flow sensitivities of family firms revisited
Presenter: Marc Steffen Rapp

1415 paper no6 Leveraging on home bias. Large stakes and long-termism by Swedish institutional investors
Presenter: Sophie Nachemson-Ekwall

1500 coffee break

1515 paper no7 Cross Border Venture-Capital Investments: The Impact of Foreigness on Returns
Presenter: Susanne Espenlaub

1600 paper no8 Competition and Financial Inclusion in Microfinance Intitutions
Presenter Øystein Strøm

1645 End of day two

1800 Dinner



EU-project: Corporate Governance and European Integration – Seminar

Session 1. Corporate Governance and EU Integration (Challenges, Controversies, Unsolved Questions)

Contribution by every project participant: 15-20 min; discussion 10 min

0830 Contributions and discussion

1000 Coffee break

1015 Contributions and discussion

1215 Lunch

Session 2. Young researchers, PhD students

1415 Presentations and discussion

1545 Coffee break

Session 3. Ownership Changes in Europe.
Are the patterns of ownership change in Germany common for other EU member States? See for recent trends in Germany e.g. Ringe (2015)

Country  Studies: Spain, Italy, Bulgaria

Contribution by every project participant: 15-20 min; discussion 10 min

1600 – 1730 Contributions and discussion

1900 – Dinner in Stockholm


10 September

New venue: Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum, Grevgatan 34, 3tr Stockholm

Session 3. Ownership Changes in Europe
Are the patterns of ownership change in Germany common for other EU member States? (cont.)

Country  Studies: Sweden, Austria, New EU-Member States

Patterns of Ownership Change in Anglo-Saxon Countries: UK

0830 Contributions and discussion

1030 Coffee break

Session 4. Questions for Further Research in the CGEUI network


1200 Lunch and end of the seminar

For further questions, please contact Ylva Skoogberg

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