Christmas Greetings from Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum

2014 is my last year as Managing Director of Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum. It has been six fun and stimulating years but now it’s time to hand over the leadership to Johan Eklund, who I consider an excellent successor. I will still remain within the organization as Research Director and will also continue as Professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. I want to thank everyone who participated in Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum’s various events and contributed to making our mission successful during my time as Managing Director.


It was a busy spring with numerous report launches and seminars, followed by an almost equally busy fall with many qualified seminars and conferences. I have also made a trip to China to meet with representatives from a number of top universities and other organizations to explore possible opportunities for cooperation. A first result of the trip will be a seminar together with a Chinese research institute in the spring of 2015.


Some other highlights this year has been:
On May 21 we organized the Stockholm Philanthropy Symposium for the second time in cooperation with the Swedish-American Roger Svensson. The conference attracted over 200 people and offered many Swedish and international participants from both the research side and the political sphere as well as donor and receiver side.
On June 10, we launched the national Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) report, the largest international survey of entrepreneurship where the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum is responsible for the Swedish part. The report launch seminar was commented by Annie Lööf, then Minister for Enterprise, and President of the Centre Party, and the current Minister for Enterprise and Innovation Mikael Damberg from the Swedish Social Democratic Party and the entrepreneur Stefan Krook.

The first week of October, we invited the internationally renowned Professor Mariana Mazzucato, Oxford University together with the Swedish Innovation Agency Vinnova. Mazzucato participated in two different events; one seminar with Vinnova on September 30, commented by Tobias Krantz, the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, Maria Ludvigsson, Svenska Dagbladet – a daily Swedish newspaper and Ola Pettersson, Swedish Trade Union Confederation. The second was a conference on innovation and growth that we co-arranged with Statistics Sweden (SCB) 1-2 October.


The Swedish Schumpeter Lecture was held for the third time on 5 November. This year’s speaker was Deirdre McCloskey, Professor at the University of Illinois, Chicago, who spoke on the topic “How We Actually Got Rich: The Liberal Plan of Equality”. Other participants were Monika Arvidsson from the think-tank Tiden, Jesper Roine SITE, Stockholm School of Economics and PJ Anders Linder, Axess Magazine.

The launch of the sixth edition of the Swedish Economic Forum Report (SEF) took place on November 20, this year’s focus was higher education, labor and innovation. Once again we had the pleasure of having highly qualified commentators, including Karolina Ekholm from the Ministry of Finance, Anna Kinberg Batra presumably the next President of the Moderate Party, Anna Felländer Swedbank, Lena Hallengren from the Parliamentary Education Committee (Social Democratic Party), Annie Lööf, President of the Centre Party, Jonas Milton, Almega, Madelene Sandström, KK-Foundation, Per Tryding, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Southern Sweden and Hulya Ulku who wrote one of the chapters in SEF together with Silvia Muzi, both from the World Bank.

On December 3, Shaker Zahra was awarded the prestigious Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research 2014 for his research in Corporate Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship, i e the ability of firms to develop innovations and contribute to economic growth, using their own resources.


I want to thank you for the years that have passed, and together with my colleagues wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We look forward to coming events and activities in 2015 under new leadership.


Pontus Braunerhjelm with colleagues at the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum.

Pontus Braunerhjelm
Managing Director Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum and
Professor Royal Institute of Technology, KTH

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