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2017 The Swedish Competitiveness Scorecard 2017 (Chapter 2 in Swedish Economic Forum Report 2017)

2017 Creating impact through philanthropy – a Nordic perspective 


2016 Economic Integration of Refugee Migrants: Considerations for Policymakers (Chapter 5 in Swedish Economic Forum Report 2016)

2016 Blockchain – Decentralized Trust

2016 The entrepreneurial challenge – A comparative study of entrepreneurial dynamics in China, Europe and the US

2016 International Market Exit and Re-entry: An empirical study of export patterns of Swedish SMEs 



2015 Profits, welfare and entrepreneurship, Johan Eklund (Ed.)

2015 A review of the circular economy and its implementation, Almas Heshmati, Näringspolitiskt forum Report no 12

2015 Sharing Economy – Embracing change with caution, Anna Felländer, Claire Ingram och Robin Teigland, Näringspolitiskt forum Report no 11

2015 The Entrepreneurial Code – A comparative study of entrepreneurial dynamics in China, Europe and the U.S.

2015 Immigrants and the Internationalization of Business – Do they Increase Service Exports (Policy Brief)



2014 A Functioning Labor Market – Key to Knowledge and Innovation Driven Growth (Policy Brief)

2014 Sources of capital for innovative startup firms, Anna Söderblom and Mikael Samuelsson, Näringspolitiskt forum, Report no 9.

2014 20 Years of Entrepreneurship Research –From small business dynamics to entrepreneurial growth and societal prosperity, Pontus Braunerhjelm (Ed.)

2014 The emergence of China and India as new innovation power houses – threat or opportunity?, Cristina Chaminade, Davide Castellani and Monica Plechero, Globaliseringsforum Report no. 6 2014

2014 3D Printing – Economic and Public Policy Implications, Maureen Kilkenny, Näringspolitiskt forum Report no. 6 2014



Mobilising Private Funds for the Transition to a Sustainable Economy, Maria Adenfelt, Mark Sanders och Ulrika Stavlöt

Swedish Economic Forum Report 2013 – Institutions and Incentives for Innovation (Policy Brief), Braunerhjelm (Ed.)



2012 Cloud Computing – Challenges and Opportunities for Swedish Entrepreneurs, Åke Edlund, Näringspolitiskt forum Report no. 5 2012

Swedish Economic Forum Report 2012 – Entrepreneurship, norms and the business cycle, Braunerhjelm (Ed.)

2012 Sweden’s Position in the Global Economy, Christan Ketels, Globaliseringsforum Report no. 2 2012

2012 The Current State of the Venture Capital Industry, Anna Söderblom, Näringspolitiskt forum Report no. 2 2012



2011 Internationalization Competence of SMEs, Leona Achtenhagen, Globaliseringsforum Report no. 1 2011

2011 Business planning and venturelevel performance: Challenging the institution of planning, Benson Honig och Mikael Samuelsson, Working Paper 2011

2011 Evolutionary Views on Entrepreneurial Processes: Managerial and Policy Implications, Karl Wennberg och Frédéric Delmar, Working Paper 2011



2010 “An innovation strategy for Sweden– Swedish Economic Forum Policy Summary”

2010 Barriers to information and communcation technology adoption in small firms, Vinit Parida, Johan Johansson, Håkan Ylinenpää and Pontus Braunerhjelm, Working Paper 2010

2010 Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Economic Growth – Past Experiences, Current Knowlede and Policy Implications, Pontus Braunerhjelm, Entreprenörskapsforum, Working Paper 2010



2009 “Entrepreneurship and innovations for sustainable development – Swedish Economic Forum Policy Summary



2008:3 “Entrepreneurship and Innovation Policies – Analysing measures in European countries”, Anders Lundström, Moa Almerud and Lois Stevenson



2006:3 “Entrepreneurship Policy in the People’s Republic of China”, Lois Stevenson & Anders Lundström



2005:6 “Entrepreneurship Policy – Theory and Practice” (Springer Verlag), Anders Lundström, Lois Stevenson

2005:5 “Pioneers in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Research” (Springer Verlag), Hans Landström

2005:4 “Creating Opportunities for Young Entrepreneurship”, Anders Lundström (red.) Download Executive summary (.pdf)



2003:2 “Towards an Entrepreneurship Policy – A Nordic Perspective” Sold out, Anders Lundström (red.)



2002:5 “Beyond the Rhetoric – Volume 2 of the Entrepreneurship Policy for the Future Series” Sold out, Anders Lundström, Lois Stevenson

2002:2 “On the Road to Entrepreneurship- Volume 1 of the Entrepreneurship Policy for the Future Series”, Anders Lundström, Lois Stevenson – Download summary (.pdf)



2001:3 “Entrepreneurship Policy for the Future”, Anders Lundström, Lois Stevenson

2001:2 “Patterns and trends in Entrepreneurship/SME Policy and Practice in Ten Economies – Volume 3 of the Entrepreneurship Policy for the Future Series”, Anders Lundström, Lois Stevenson – Free Download.



2000:2 “The process of Selling – some voices”, Pia Götebo Johannesson

“Support services to SME’s – Analysis of market of support services in the context of the working group on the visibility and quality of support services”, Håkan Boter, Ulrika Liljeberg, Anders Lundström



1999:7 “Outline of a Contemporary Small Business Policy”, Håkan Boter, Dan Hjalmarsson, Anders Lundström

1999:6 “Interprise DECIDE V – Expectations, experiences and results”, Anders Lundström

1999:1 “Implementation of Marketing in some Swedish SMEs – Expanders as opposed to Non-expanders”, Claes Hultman, Leif Sanner

“Images of Entrepreneurship and Small Business”, Bengt Johannisson, Hans Landström


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