Swedish Schumpeter Lecture 2015: Mirjam Van Praag

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On 16 September, Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum and Stockholm School of Economics cordially invites you to the 2015 Swedish Schumpeter Lecture The Potential of Fostering More (Schumpeterian) Entrepreneurship held by Mirjam Van Praag, Maersk Mc-Kinney Møller Professor of Entrepreneurship at Copenhagen Business School, Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics.

The lecture will examine: Can you really teach people to become entrepreneurs or is it more or less a genetic matter whether or not people will start up ventures? And if the environment has a role, what kind of instruments do we have to promote more or better entrepreneurship? And what kind of skills and behavior are characteristic of (successful) entrepreneurs? So, what and how should  (prospective) entrepreneurs learn?

Comments from: Bo Jansson, Chairman, Lärarnas Riksförbund and  Juanna S Joensen, Senior Research Associate, University of Chicago and Roger Mörtvik, State Secretary to the Minister for Upper Secondary School and Adult Education and Training, Aida Hadzialic.

Mirjam van Praag’s research, that is widely published in international academic journals, studies Economics of Entrepreneurship (e.g., Human Capital, Teams, Entrepreneurship and the Household) often using (field or natural) experiments. Besides entrepreneurship, she is also an active researcher in the field of Personnel Economics (performance measurement and rewards) and Behavorial Economics.


When: Wednesday 16 September 2015, at 16.00-17.45 followed by a reception.

Where: Stora Salen, Stockholm School of Economics, Holländargatan 32, Stockholm

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