Student competitions – a winning recipe

The 2010 winner of the Swedish final of Global Student Entrepreneurship Award is Chu Zhu and his business Student Competitions. The prize is 50 000 Sw crowns and a place in the internationl final in Kansas in November.  The Swedish final is a co-arrangement between Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth


Picture: Student entrepreneur Chu Zhu with Anna Ekström, president of the  The Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations, SACO

Competition was fierce, with finalists Mai-Li Hammargren, Mutewatch, and Per Nordwall, PN Jakt, it was not easy for the jury, but the decision was finally that Student Competitions AB and its founder Chu Zhu would be the most worthy victor this year.

– It was truly fascinating to listen to all your presentations, said the chairman of the jury, Anders Lundström, from Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum.

Student Competitions’ business idea is to collect all globally ongoing student competitions into a site where companies, students and universities can meet. The site is thus a database where students can find all relevant information about ongoing competitions worldwide, in one place.  The official launch took place in April this year and today there are 3000 visits with 1500 unique visitors per day, figures that are increasing from day to day.

– All of us four students who started this business are ourselves fascinated by competing and have won several competitions too. So we know what it means to your self esteem and your CV, says Chu Zhu, beaming with pride over this new achievement.

The official motivation of the jury:

”The winner of the Swedish final of Global Student Entrepreneurship Award in 2010 is  Chu Zhu, student at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, with his business Student Competitions AB. It is a business which, in a very short time, has developed its business idea globally, not least in growing markets like China and India. The business model creates bridges and possibilities to develop new ways of interaction between students and   companies in Sweden as well as internationally.  Student Competitions AB also provides new tools for universities all over the world to reach their target groups. The jury assess that the services that Student Competitions offers has the potential to change opportunities and careers  for many young people around the world.”

Chu Zhu is studying at the Royal Institute of Technology and his three companions are at the Stockholm School of Economics. The company is using SSE Business Lab, the incubator of the SSE as its base. Another base is in London, where Erasmus sponsored incubator as used as an office. The company has also won Swedish Television version of ”Dragons Den” and managed to attract investment from one of the ”dragons” there.

The site can develop into a tool for recruitment of young talents globally. Apart from the four founders there are seven employees in China and India, and some 60 “ambassadors” who contribute by spreading the wording and collecting information in order to update the database constantly.

The revenue is from companies using the web to make their own competitions visible. One of the first customers is Swedish telecom multinational Ericsson. There is scope for” employer branding”, a way for firms to market themselves as attractive future employers.

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