How can regulatory frameworks be improved?

cassWhat does efficient regulation and governance look like? Which frameworks and institutions are necessary to propel the political system forward? What are the challenges and considerations?

On 12 January Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum and Board of Swedish Industry and Commerce for Better Regulation (NNR) co-hosts a lunch seminar with Professor Cass Sunstein to discuss how to arrive at better regulations.

Cass Sunstein is Professor at Harvard Law School and has previously served as adviser to President Obama in his role as the Administrator for the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) at the White House. Furthermore he is the author of numerous books covering a range of topics in law and economics.

At the seminar, Cass Sunstein will share his experiences from working at OIRA and the process of creating cost-efficient regulations, regulatory improvements as well as the importance of well-functioning institutions to achieve these goals. Renowned speakers from the parliament and government will also participate.

Where? Finlandshuset, Snickarbacken 4, Stockholm.
When? Thursday 12 January 2017 12.00-13.30. Coffee and lunch sandwich will be served from 11.30.
How? Register HERE!

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