Female Entrepreneurship – Myths and Realities

HouseofSweden_webbEntrepreneurship is a team sport, and we need more players! Women are one of the world’s most untapped sources of creativity and growth. Women entrepreneurs in Sweden and the U.S. represent approximately 30 percent of each country’s entrepreneurs. Explore all the myths and facts behind the female entrepreneur as American and Swedish researchers and entrepreneurs present their views and policy recommendations. In partnership with: the Embassy of Sweden.

Breakfast seminar in the House of Sweden, Washington DC, 08.30-10.30, March 15th.


08:30 Breakfast and Registration

09:00 Welcome to House of Sweden
Ambassador Jonas Hafström

09:05 Welcome Remarks
Professor Pontus Braunerhjelm, Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum.

09:10 It’s All About Choices
Professor Elisabeth Gatewood, Wake Forest University; member of the Diana Group, the 2007 recipient of Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research.

09:25 Female Entrepreneurship in Sweden – High Ambitions for Equal Opportunities, But Bleak Results in Business
Professor Pontus Braunerhjelm, Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum.

09:35 Women, Business and the Law – An International Comparison
Sarah Iqbal, Gender Analyst, and Svetlana Bagaudinova, Sr. Private Sector Development Specialist, the World Bank.

09:45 Witnesses from the Real World
Dr. Cecilia Bergh, Founder of Mando Group, An Innovative Treatment for Eating Disorders and Obesity, with business in both Sweden and the USA, and
Charlotte Marcus, Founder, ESI Total Fuel Management Inc, Chantilly; member of NFIB, National Federation of Independent Business.

10:05 How to Release the Untapped Resource of Female Entrepreneurship – Policy Conclusions.
Open discussion, involving the audience as well as speakers.

10:30 Conclusion

Moderator: Ulrika Stuart Hamilton, Deputy Managing Director, Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum

To attend, please RSVP by March 9th to: rsvp-hos@foreign.ministry.se

For more information, please contact Ulrika Stuart Hamilton, Deputy Managing Director, Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum.

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