Swedish Philanthropy Summit

The interest in philanthropy has in recent years increased in Swedish society. Increased wealth accumulation, globalization and successful philanthropic role models contribute to the development, among other things. At the Swedish Philanthropy Summit on April 27, philanthropy will be discussed as an important factor for entrepreneurship, cultural diversity and social change in a market with large public sector. Both internationally prominent researchers in the field and well-known philanthropists, politicians and practitioners will participate.


Business Dynamics in China – From State Owned gian

On Thursday May 7, Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum is organizing a half-day seminar on business dynamics in China. Sheng Hong and Feng Xingyuan from the independent Chinese Research Unirule Institue of Economics will present their research on state-owned enterprises in China and Christer Ljungwall from Growth Analysis will present new research on China’s private business sector.

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