Research fields

The Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum is the leading network organization for generating and transferring policy relevant research in the field of entrepreneurship and small enterprise development.

As from 2009, four research fields are highlighted:


1. Entrepreneurship and SMEs in the globalized economy
Do entrepreneurship and SMEs become more important at local, regional and national level, given that the global economy becomes more integrated? Does globalization speed up structural changes and what does this mean to entrepreneurs and SMEs? What kind of firms succeed and fail respectively when it comes to internationalization?


2. Entrepreneurship and SMEs in the knowledge driven growth economy
What structures and networks are essential for building and keeping know how within the firm? Are entrepreneurs and SMEs particularly important for radical innovations and commercialization of the knowledge?  How are differences in growth between regions and nations explained in terms of competition, industries, technologies, multiethnicity, government spending, risk capital, mobility of human capital, etc.?


3. Entrepreneurship, SMEs, technology shifts and deregulation
To what extent do entrepreneurs and SMEs contribute to a dynamic development in deregulated markets? Or is new technology decisive for the possibilities of entrepreneurs and SMEs to enter previously regulated markets?  How important is the interaction between small and large business?


4. Entrepreneurship in SMEs and in the growing service sectors
Can differences at local, regional and national level in dynamics of service markets be observed?  What factors restrain the growth of dynamic service markets? Is the interaction between manufacturing and service important for innovations?  Are targeted economic policy measures required in order to propel dynamic and growing service sectors?