International Council

To promote international collaboration, the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum has formed an international reference group, consisting of prominent international researchers and experts. The group serves in an advisory capacity for a number of research projects .


Members of the International Council:

Pontus Braunerhjelm –Professor, Research Director, Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum (Chair)
Zoltan J. Acs – Dr, George Mason University, USA
Howard E Aldrich – Dr, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA
David B. Audretsch – Dr, Institute of Development Strategies, SPEA, Indiana University, USA
William J Baumol – Dr, New York University, USA
Giacomo Becattini – Dr, University of Florence, Italy
David Birch – Dr, Boston, USA
Candida G Brush, Babson College, USA
Nancy M Carter, Catalyst Research & Information Center, USA
Arnold C Cooper – Dr, Indiana, USA
Dennis De – Dr, Reutlingen University, Germany
William J Dennis Jr – Senior Research Fellow, National Federation of Independent Business, Washington, USA
Elisabeth Gatewood, Wake Forest University, USA
William Gartner, Dr, Clemson University, USA
Patricia G Greene, Babson College, USA
Myra M Hart, Harvard Business School, USA
Florencia van Houdt
, EU Commission, Brussels
Bengt Johannisson, Professor, Linné University, Sweden
Israel Kirzner, New York University, USA
Josh Lerner, Harvard Business School, USA
Anders Lundström, Dr.  Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum,
Ian C MacMillan, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Paul Reynolds, Dr, George Mason University, USA
Charles Sabel – Dr, Columbia University, USA
Hans Schoof – EU Commission, Brussels
Hanne Shapiro, Dansk Teknoligisk Institut, Denmark
Peter M Smith -EUCommission, Brussels
Lois Stevenson – Industry Canada, Canada
David Storey – Dr, Warwick Business School, United Kingdom
Timo Summa – EU Commission, Brussels
Zhongming Wang, Dr, School of Management, Zheijang University, China
Sander Wennekers – EIM, The Netherlands
Reinhilde Veugelers, Dr, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
Jane Wickmann – Danish Technological Institute, Denmark
Johan Wiklund, Syracuse University, USA
Mechthild Woersdoerfer – EU-commission, Belgium