The Swedish Competitiveness Scorecard 2017

Sweden’s economy is going strong, a fact that the government is unsurprisingly happy to emphasize. And it is indeed not only the strong current performance that gives reason to be positive: It is easy to find many other international assessments that show the strengths of the Swedish economy and its underlying competitiveness. Only recently Sweden was ranked the 7th most competitive economy in the world. But at the same time performance in areas like unemployment remains beyond the country’s ambitions, specifically for some groups. And there are concerns as to how sustainable the current performance is once the strong cyclical climate in the economy will normalize.

Sweden’s strong fundamentals are the result of cumulative decisions made by governments from both sides of the political aisle over time. What policy areas should Sweden focus on to enable economic progress to be sustained also in the future? Is current policy action focused on the right issues, and does it offer an approach that seems appropriate given the issues at hand? The Swedish Competitiveness Scorecard aims to provide an accessible instrument to inform this discussion.

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