webbetta_blockchain 16-10-20

New Report: Blockchain – Decentralized Trust

The accelerating pace of technological development places high demands on companies and institutions to stay abreast of new technologies and their potential impact. Blockchain technology has become of significant interest to business leaders and policy makers due to its rapid development and disruptive potential. It has inspired – and in some cases even forced – financial institutions and governments all over the world to react. Until now, this is primarily due to its linchpin status for decentralized digital currencies, but its future applications are far broader.
Swedish Entreprenurship Forum's report Blockchain - Decentralized Trust, written by David Bauman, Pontus Lindblom and Claudia Olsson, provides an analysis of the function, applications, and future political and economical implications of blockchain technology. The aim of the report is to initiate a wider discussion about the potential and risks of a more widespread adoption of the blockchain technology for the economy, labor markets and monetary policy.

Download Blockchain – Decentralized Trust