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Swedish Economic Forum Report 2015

The Swedish Economic Forum Report 2015 addresses incentives for profits as well as the function and effects of the so-called welfare sectors. At times this subject give rise to an intense debate in Sweden. The controversy revolves primarily around whether profits are consistent with, or contrary to, the provision of high quality welfare services. The report contributes to the debate by broadening discussion on the profit motive and its importance for entrepreneurship and prosperity and by presenting research findings that have implications for the continued effort to improve quality and performance of private welfare services.

A general conclusion drawn in the report is that the profit motive and the potential for dividend creates incentives for entrepreneurship, and can promote efficiency in the welfare sectors. One challenge is the risk of cost reduction measures driven too far resulting in poor quality services delivered. Two out of six chapters are written in English. The authors are Martin Andersson, Partner Oliver Wyman and former DG Finansinspektionen, Sweden's financial supervisory authority, Dennis C. Mueller, Professor University of Vienna, Per Strömberg, Professor Stockholm School of Economics. The authors are responsible for the analyses and recommendations made in the report.

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