Dr Arnold C. Cooper 1997 Global Award recipient dies at 79

One of the true pioneers in the field of entrepreneurship research, Dr Arnold C. Cooper, has passed away. Dr Cooper was a leading entrepreneurship scholar for more than three decades. Since the sixties, Dr Cooper has made important empirical and theoretical contributions within the field of entrepreneurship and small business research. Dr Coopers pioneering work on technical entrepreneurship, new technology-based firms, and incubator organizations has significantly enhanced our understanding of the entrepreneurial phenomena.

“Arnolod Cooper was one of the true pioneers of the field of entrepreneurship research and continued to produced interesting research for close to four decades.

His research was characterized by questions relevant for the society as such and his research was also steadily anchored in theory and methodology. As a person, Arnold Cooper was genuinely humble and always interested in scholarly conversation. One of the most important entrepreneurship scholars over the last decades has left us”, says Professor Hans Landström, Sten K Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship, Lund University and for many years the chairman of the Award Committee.

After leaving his scholarly career at Purdue University behind, Dr Cooper continued to inspire a new generation of researchers in a field which is now becoming of vital interest for policy makers across the globe.

At  www.e-award.org an extensive biography and a presentation article of Arnold Cooper are available.