Cloud Computing – Challenges and Opportunities

The new report Cloud Computing – Challenges and Opportunities for Swedish Entrepreneurs describes the challenges and opportunities facing Swedish software industry and its entrepreneurs. The report expands the view of ‘entrepreneur’ to include entrepreneurs in the whole software related industry, and expands the geographical view to include the European perspective. The report is written by Åke Edlund, senior researcher at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology

The software industry is shifting towards service based business models gathered under the name ’cloud computing’. The implications of these changes are extensive and considered a paradigm shift, according to some even greater than the introduction of the Internet. The Cloud has already, as shown in the report, resulted in a impressive number of new firms, increased revenue and employment opportunities. The future is expected to bring about even greater real economy effects that can attributed cloud computing.

To summarize the case  made in this report:

  •  The Software Industry is of increasing importance to Sweden

  • The latest change, cloud computing, is as big a change - most likely bigger - than the introduction of Internet

  • This change creates challenges and opportunities to Swedish industry and its entrepreneurs

  • Swedish government should consider how to design policies that provides conditions facilitating the development and exploitation of cloud computing, to the benefit of  Swedish industry and its entrepreneurs in meeting future challenges

  • To get a quick start in helping the Swedish entrepreneurs, the Swedish government should build on results developed by expert groups in EU.

  • Sweden need to get more involved in the European and Nordic working groups – to become an active contributing partner, with influence in the common efforts helping our industries and entrepreneurs facing the challenges and opportunities created by cloud computing.

  • To do this, Sweden needs to put together a Swedish Cloud Expert Group – and use the findings from the European and Nordic (especially Finnish) expert groups. This group is needed to connect to ongoing collaborations and to build a Swedish strategy on these matters.

>> Download  Cloud Computing – Challenges and Opportunities for Swedish Entrepreneurs (.pdf)