New GEM team from Sweden

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor will as from 2010 again include data from Sweden  on entrepreneurial activity. Thanks to Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum, now the prospective team from Sweden.

– We are really happy to bring Sweden back into this unique international research venture, says professor Pontus Braunerhjelm, team leader and Managing Director of Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum. There has been an unfortunate gap of two years when no data were collected for Sweden. Now, we will make sure that we produce continuous high quality data and an interesting national report.

– I see great potential in the GEM project. There is so much exciting policy relevant research you can do based on the wealth of information in these surveys.

One of the team members, Mikael Samuelsson, is a bit of a veteran, having participated from the very beginning in the national surveys.

– I’m happy we are back in and have a lot of ideas for my own research. For example, I would like to continue my panel based investigations on nascent entrepreneurs  and how they turn new business ideas into fledging new ventures,  says the assistant professor.

– We are in the midst of a process of formulating our national “extra questions”, says Ulrika Stuart Hamilton, who participated in the annual meeting in Santiago, Chile, and found a lot of inspiration from talking to other national teams.  We will choose a few very topical issues that will hopefully influence the debate about the entrepreneurship climate in our country.

Per Thulin received his PhD at the end of January on a thesis titled  Essays on Regional Growth, Comparative Advantages and Foreign Direct Investments.  Kristina Nyström, the youngest member of the team, received the prize Young Researchers’ Award in 2009. She is also one of the organizers of a young researchers’ forum, under the umbrella of Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum.

Download the GEM Global 2009 Report

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(In the picture standing from left to right Prospective Swedish GEM team: Ulrika Stuart Hamilton, deputy managing director of Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum, Pontus Braunerhjelm, professor and team leader, managing director of Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum, and Kristina Nyström, PhD, Royal Institute of Technology and Ratio Institute. Sitting from left to right: Mikael Samuelsson, PhD, Stockholm School of Economics, and Per Thulin, PhD,Royal Institute of Technology, and Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum.)