Img_eng_washington 09-11-03

Beyond the crisis – implications for SMEs and entrepreneurs

At the joint conference organised by the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum and Swedish government Agency Growth Analysis, a number of well known researchers and other experts analysed the implications of the financial crisis on SMEs and job creation. A special focus was on the financial markets and their functioning from a small business perspective.

(In the picture: Magnus Härviden, Swedish government Agency Growth Analysis, Jim Spletzer, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Pontus Braunerhjelm, Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum, Paul D. Reynolds, George Mason University, David Robinson, Duke University, Jens Henriksson, International Monetary Fund, Rebel A. Cole, DePaul University, Johan Wiklund, Syracuse University, Ulrika Stuart Hamilton, Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum and Zoltan Acz, George Mason University)

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