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Dynamics of a city

Entreprenörskapsforum invites you to a seminar with Geoffrey Hewings, professor at University of Illinois on 7 December. Hewings will present his research on city competitiveness and how growth is affected by factors such as demographics, consumption and migration patterns, followed by comments from an expert panel.

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Regulation, firm dynamics and entrepreneurship

Pontus Braunerhjelm, Sameeksha Desai and Johan Eklund have written the introduction to a special issue of European Journal of Law and Economics. The introduction and the special issue seeks to shed some light on the relationship between regulation, firm dynamics and entrepreneurship.

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Collaborative Economy – Workshop

The Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum and the European Commission are organizing a workshop on Wednesday the 25th of November. The purpose is to develop a deeper understanding of the collaborative economy and hear from the business community, local and national authorities, as well as academics, think tanks, and NGOs.

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From Entrepreneurial Chaos to Growth: A Policy Agenda

On Wednesday 21 October, Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum organized a workshop with focus on entrepreneurial activity, attitude and ambition in Europe, China and the US at the World Entrepreneurship Forum in Hangzhou, China. What are the similarities and differences between Europe, China and the US in terms of level of entrepreneurial activity, ambition of entrepreneurs in terms of growth, internalization […]

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Augusto Lopez Claros 15-10-02

Swedish Business Climate in Need of Reform

On October 1 Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum arranged a seminar when Augusto López-Claros, Director of Global Indicators and Analysis at the World Bank, visited Sweden to present results from two World Bank reports on the Swedish business climate. Even though Sweden is doing well, there is room for improvement; not least in the education system, tax levels and regulations, and the labor market. A panel of renowned commentators strongly agreed.

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New talent at Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum

This fall, five new co-workers have started work at Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum. Pardis Nabavi is our new researcher replacing Maria Adenfelt and Ylva Skoogberg takes over from Mikael Jorstig to lead projects with regional focus. Professor Carl B Hamilton is our new affiliated researcher and senior advisor and our new PhD students, Emma Lappi and Joakim Skoog, add muscles to […]

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Braunerhjelm Visiting Scholar at STIAS

Professor Pontus Braunerhjelm will spend the month of September in South Africa as a Visiting Scholar at the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study (STIAS), an independent institute at the University of Stellenbosch. At STIAS, Professor Braunerhjelm will, apart from spending time on research, form part of the organising committee for the roundtable  conference “Innovation driven growth in […]

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