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Entrepreneurial dynamics in cities and nations

On September 27 Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum co-arranged a seminar in Washington DC where the role of global cities in promoting trade, innovation, growth and global entrepreneurship conditions where examined. In sum, key drivers for reform is access to relevant data and a strategy on how to improve a city’s or a country’s performance.

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Web broadcast: Innovation Hubs & Global Entrepreneurship

How does entrepreneurship conditions vary among nations across the globe, and what is the relation between entrepreneurship and business regulations? On September 27 Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum co-organized a seminar in Washington DC where the role of global cities in promoting trade, innovation, and growth with focus on highly ranked innovative hubs Stockholm and San Diego […]

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German Crisis Response: Entrepreneurship and Hard Work

Professor David Audretsch visited Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum to present his new book “The Seven Secrets of Germany: Economic Resilience in an Era of Global Turbulence“ on 7 September 2016. An entrepreneurial culture, flexible labor market, openness, and improved image were mentioned as some of the German success factors.

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Anglo-Saxon countries outperform EU in entrepreneurship

Anglo-Saxon countries outperform all other countries in all entrepreneurial dimensions – entrepreneurship rate, new business ownership, women’s entrepreneurship and future potential entrepreneurs, according to the new report “The entrepreneurial challenge – A comparative study of entrepreneurial dynamics in China, Europe and the US” launched today by Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum.

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In Focus: Chinese Economic Reforms

On 14 June Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum and Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis co-hosted a seminar on the Chinese economic reform agenda. Professor Mao Yushi, founder of the independent Unirule Institue of Economics held a keynote on the theme “Basic Feature of Chinese Economy“.

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Utdelning Global Award

Pioneer scholar Aghion celebrated in Stockholm

Philippe Aghion, Professor Collège de France, visited Stockholm and Grand Hôtel on 10 May to receive the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research 2016. After the ceremony he held a prize lecture about growth enigmas and discussed innovation and growth policy with an expert panel.

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