jul2016 16-12-21

Holiday Greetings from Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum

In 2016 Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum have published thought-provoking reports and organized timely seminars with debate-hungry panelists. All to expand your knowledge about entrepreneurship, innovation, business dynamics, and growth. A few activities deserve a special mention, read on for more information. Also, there are already a few dates for 2017 to mark in your calendars!

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Europe’s Hidden Entrepreneurs Make Up for Continent’s Low Start-Up Rate

Europe has long had the paradoxical reputation of a continent with low levels of entrepreneurship, yet high overall levels of economic competitiveness. A new report produced by the World Economic Forum and the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor provides an explanation: Europe is home to many intrapreneurs, individuals who choose to innovate within organizations.

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More Knowledge Means Bigger Dreams

Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum’s yearly philanthropic seminar in connection to the Swedish celebration of Saint Lucia took place on Tuesday December 13. This year’s subject was the role of civil society in integration of immigrants. Professor Una Osili, Research Director at Indiana University, presented her latest research on how immigrants contribute to common goods.  

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How can regulatory frameworks be improved?

What does efficient regulation and governance look like? Which frameworks and institutions are necessary to propel the political system forward? What are the challenges and considerations? Welcome to a lunch seminar on 12 January  co-hosted by Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum and Board of Swedish Industry and Commerce for Better Regulation (NNR) where Professor Cass Sunstein discusses how to arrive at […]

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webbetta_blockchain 16-10-20

New Report: Blockchain – Decentralized Trust

The accelerating pace of technological development places high demands on companies and institutions to stay abreast of new technologies and their potential impact. Blockchain technology has become of significant interest to business leaders and policy makers due to its rapid development and disruptive potential. It has inspired – and in some cases even forced – financial institutions and governments all over the world to react. Until now, this is primarily due to its linchpin status for decentralized digital currencies, but its future applications are far broader.

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Entrepreneurial dynamics in cities and nations

On September 27 Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum co-arranged a seminar in Washington DC where the role of global cities in promoting trade, innovation, growth and global entrepreneurship conditions were examined. In sum, key drivers for reform is access to relevant data and a strategy on how to improve a city’s or a country’s performance.

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Web broadcast: Innovation Hubs & Global Entrepreneurship

How does entrepreneurship conditions vary among nations across the globe, and what is the relation between entrepreneurship and business regulations? On September 27 Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum co-organized a seminar in Washington DC where the role of global cities in promoting trade, innovation, and growth with focus on highly ranked innovative hubs Stockholm and San Diego […]

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German Crisis Response: Entrepreneurship and Hard Work

Professor David Audretsch visited Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum to present his new book “The Seven Secrets of Germany: Economic Resilience in an Era of Global Turbulence“ on 7 September 2016. An entrepreneurial culture, flexible labor market, openness, and improved image were mentioned as some of the German success factors.

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